24 Best Food For Working Dogs That Makes Good Health

Best food for working dogs:- Working dogs like farm dogs, rescue dogs, therapy dogs and hunting dogs need a ton of energy to complete their positions. Taking care of the best canine nourishment for working canines that gives them maintainable energy and a lot of sound supplements with a tasty taste is the most ideal approach to remunerate them for everything they accomplish for us.

When selecting canine nourishment for your working canine, there’s a ton to consider to ensure they are getting all their energy and wholesome needs met.


What to Look For On the Ingredients

Working dogs require a lot of protein to provide consistent energy to them. If you are feeding your dog’s dry dog food, make sure that the food is listed on the guaranteed analysis panel with at least 28 per cent or higher crude protein. If you feed them wet dog food, make sure they have a 7 percent or higher crude protein rating in the food.

They do need plenty of amino acids to build healthy muscles and keep them strong. In the list of ingredients, search for each of the following essential amino acids: arginine, leucine, lysine, histidine, isoleucine, methionine, tryptophan, phenylalanine, threonine, and valine.

The better, the more amino acids that are in the dog food for working dogs. They do want food that promotes general health because sitting on their joints. The entire day can be hard.

Look for good joint components such as omega-3 fatty acids, glucosamine, and chondroitin. To ensure that there is plenty of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, and copper.

Working dogs do require food which will provide them with renewable resources. Look for food containing only complex carbohydrates, such as whole fruits, vegetables and unprocessed grains. We need a lot of energy from good fats too.

When you feed dry dog foods for working dogs, it should be considered they contain at least 18 per cent of crude fat. One should also consider that food is high in calories, finally. You may use this calorie calculator offered by PetMD to calculate the calorie levels for your working dog. You’ll then search for the caloric value by finding the “kcal”.

To keep the dog energetic and enriched it with nutritious food, the correct value of the dog food should be provided considering the age, breed and also the weight of the dog.

An energetic dog or a working dog’s nutrition enriched healthy diet can increase productivity without reducing the likelihood of injuries. While some working dogs have a similar task to do each dog is handled by its owner differently.

The dog always carries all his unique physical characteristics. This is well-established that working and competitive dogs require a special diet. More work has verified that adjusting your dog’s diet based on his athletic ability and needs will further enhance his health, intellect, and physical abilities (PDF).

You may use this calorie calculator offered by PetMD to calculate the calorie levels for your working dog. You’ll then search for the caloric value by finding the “kcal.”

Working dogs’ diet varies according to age, weight, and breed. Still, you’ll also need to find the right value dog food that gives your professional dog or athletic dog the energy and nutritional quality to keep him active and healthy.

In a nutshell, a nutritionally balanced diet for an athletic dog or a working dog will improve efficiency while reducing the risk of injury. Although individual athletic dogs might have the same task, each dog is treated differently by its owner. That dog always brings all its unique physical traits to the table.

This is well-established that working and competitive dogs require a special diet. More work has verified that adjusting your dog’s diet based on his athletic ability and needs will further enhance his health, intellect, and physical skills (PDF).

But every dog is special, and for working dogs and canine athletes, this rule is even truer. Therefore it is necessary to address the nutritional needs of your dog with your veterinarian or a canine nutritionist who specializes in the development of working dog diets.

They will test the dog and ask you loads of questions. The individual physical activity and lifestyle of your dog would be the leading factor in selecting the best dog food diet for healthy dogs. The strength and length of the work your active dog frequently does will decide the optimal composition of the diet.

24 Best food for working dogs

To meet your working dog’s nutritional needs, you must feed them with high-quality food specifically formulated for working dogs.

Here are some of the recommendations to get you started on top dog foods for working dogs:

  1. NUTRO High Endurance

NUTRO High Endurance was planned explicitly for working dogs. It contains an ideal 30/20 protein to fat proportion to give huge amounts of energy and reinforce and manufacture muscles.

NUTRO High Endurance contains a mix of entire grains to give continued energy and backing processing. It is likewise profoundly sustained with nutrients, minerals, and amino acids to help solid bones and muscles. At last, it likewise contains omega unsaturated fats to help both joint and heart wellbeing.

  1. Taste Of the Wild High Prairie

They are made with a blend of profoundly absorbable game proteins, including buffalo, venison, and sheep. Taste of the Wild High Prairie is the ideal nourishment for a working canine.

With a 32% rough protein rating and an 18% unrefined fat rating, this without grain recipe meets the energy needs of even the busiest working canine. It is likewise invigorated with all the fundamental chelated minerals your canine requirements for solid bones.

Omega unsaturated fats and nutrient E help uphold and grease up joints. At the same time, their probiotic mix improves processing and supplement ingestion for greatest sustenance.

Additionally stacked with entire foods grown from the ground to give complex sugars, Taste of the Wild High Prairie gives your working canine all that they have to overcome their bustling day.

  1. Solid Gold Holistic High Protein Grain-Free

Comprehensively define to help the entire soundness of your canine, Solid Gold High Protein Grain Free canine food, has a noteworthy 38% unrefined protein content from genuine meat sources.

It additionally contains an ideal 18% fat substance to give continued energy without abundance weight gain. Figured with 16 superfoods, it gives both complex sugars to energy and cell reinforcements to keep your working canine’s resistant framework solid.

best food for working dogs
food for working dogs

Strong Gold High Protein Grain Free additionally bolsters joint and bone wellbeing with a lot of basic minerals, nutrients, and omega unsaturated fats.

  1. Select Hi-Pro Plus Formula for Active Dogs by Victor Dog Food

Guaranteed research

  • PROTEIN CRUDE 30.0 percent min.
  • 20.0 percent min CRUDE FAT
  • 3.8 percent max Synthetic FIBER
  • 9.0 percent MOISTURE
  • 450 CALORIES / Cup

Dogs mainly subsist on meat; this is why Victor Dog Food’s Hi-Pro plus Formula works mainly for the dog. The food is prepared from the GMO-free ingredients that are sourced on a local basis, and that only includes the finest pure beef, pork, and chicken.

Apart from its rich protein nutritious value, this food also contains vitamins and minerals and does not contain wheat, soy, corn or gluten. The food is also a great source of omega 3 and 6 that is vital to make safe and shiny skin of the dogs.

For example, an individual can use the 5-pound pack, and for bigger dogs, too, there are the 40- and 50-pound economy packs. Pet owners of numerous dogs of various age ranges and also the breeds find it mostly easy and advantageous to offer Victor Dog Food Select Hi-Pro Plus Formula for Active Dogs and Puppies to their pets.

The dogs also are delighted with the tasteful natural flavour of this Hi-Pro plus Formula. The nutrition enriched food has made the appointment to the vet have reduced significantly, which is convenient for the people. The stools of dogs were found to be quite small after changing to this high value dog food within a short time.

Dogs get the full value from this specific formula and nutrients and help to have a good weight. However, dogs do not need to be served big quantities, and this is potentially a more affordable choice rather than another formula.

No, any product recall has been made on this formula, and this makes the formula as reliable and safe too.  


  • Does not include wheat, soy, corn or gluten
  • Contains assured omega 3 & 6 levels, and vitamin E


  • Several users report that this diet has caused their dog’s digestive distress.
  • Beware about where this highest value dog food to be bought, as critics have noted that online retailers differ in prices.

  1. Dr. Tim’s Active Dog Pursuit Formula

When you are looking for a dog food designed specifically for competitive dogs, try Dr. Tim’s Healthy Dog Pursuit Formula Dry Food. This recipe can cost a little more but is built to meet the nutritional needs of your active dog, especially.

This contains 86 per cent animal protein for supplementary nutrition from chicken meal, and ocean fish meal with catfish meal, salmon meal, and chicken liver. This recipe includes digestible whole grains such as brown rice and oat groats, plus helping your dog’s digestion is high in dietary fibre.

  1. PUREformance Freeze Dried Food by Grandma Lucy’s

Guaranteed research

  • 36.0 percent CRUDE PROTEIN (MIN)
  • 15.0 percent CRUDE FAT (MIN)
  • 7.1 percent CRUDE FIBER (MAX)
  • 6.8 percent MOISTURE (MAX)
  • 523 CALORIES / Cup

Grandma Lucy’s Pureformance Freeze-Dried Dog Food, prepared from a family-owned and operated freeze-drying plant in Southern California, promises a balanced recipe filled with the flavour and natural flavour of rabbit, pick vegetables and fruits, and added vitamins and minerals to have the dog alive.

Rabbit has been a healthy source of white meat rich in protein that is relatively low in cholesterol and also helpful to the health of the pet. This best-performing dog food includes all-natural and grain-free freeze-dried ingredients, such as rabbit meat, carrots, pumpkin, bananas, blueberries, chickpeas, apples, celery and papaya, all blended to give your canine a tasty and healthy meal.

Many dog owners alternate the formula of this dog food with the many variants- Chicken, Pollock, and Lamb-and the diet of these options maintains the dog’s curiosity for their food while preserving the same nutritious levels.

Results were very promising – there were no allergies, indigestion, or various side effects found, only skin and coat and enhanced activity level to prove. Some dogs who had irritations and eye infections before were now exposed to PUREformance Freeze Fried Dog Food from Grandma Lucy, and, their problems also disappeared gradually.

This food is also a recipe that can be prepared easily, and also the owners could not help it. Just pour water into it or broth, and the owners can easily provide it to the pet.

You can also blend it for a few days and, store it in the refrigerator and can be provided to the dogs as a fresh meal. The formula is designed for dogs at all stages of life; therefore, the high value dog food should be ideal for the owners who have many dogs.


  • Built in America
  • Made from rabbit, selected fruit and vegetables, and added vitamins and minerals
  • All-natürlich
  • Grainless
  • Suitable for dogs in all walks of life


  • Some buyers say the fiber content of this best-performing dog food is too high, and it made the stool of their dog very soft

  1. Premium Sports Active Adult Dry Food by EUKANUBA

Guaranteed research

  • 28.0 percent min of CRUDE PROTEIN
  • CRUDE FAT min. 18.0 per cent
  • 4.0 percent max Synthetic FIBER
  • 10.0 percent MOISTURE
  • 387.94 Kcal / Cup

Eukanuba has devised a properly calculated recipe for the working dogs in its dedication to promoting safe living among pets. It boasts a specific advanced fibre process that increases the digestion properties of nutrients.

It contains animal meat-based proteins of high quality for hard lean muscles, calcium for solid bones, hips and joints, essential oils for optimal productivity and a controlled enrichment of carbs for sustained energy.

Having the revolutionary 3D DentaDefense Method, teeth stains and tartar buildup are significantly in less time. For working dogs, there’s also the 30/20 style which is available in different size and price.

Their dogs eat this stuff with zeal, carry on with a solid life, and are amazingly light-footed in the exercises they take part in, as per pet owners. It keeps on being sensibly evaluated, which is amazing, with all the positive things this formula recipe accomplishes for dogs.

So buyers state they see no compelling reason to change or go chasing for different brands by any stretch of the imagination.


  • It contains animal meat-based proteins of high quality, calcium, essential oils, and a controlled amount of carbs
  • Special advanced fibre cycle that increases the absorption and digestion of nutrients
  • The innovative 3D DentaDefense device at the company decreases teeth stains and tartar accumulation


  • As for all the high performing dog foods, you’ll find feedback saying individual dogs won’t eat this food

  1. High-Performance Super Premium Food by Bully Max

Guaranteed research

  • 30.0 percent of crude protein MIN
  • 20.0 percent Crude Fat MIN
  • 3.8 percent Crude Fiber MAX
  • Max 10.0 percent moisture
  • 535 Calories / Cup

Bully Max High-Performance Super Premium Dog Food has ceaselessly wowed the commercial centre with its 5-star rating from an outstanding pet food counsellor, also the reliable, excellent grades that it gets from standard purchasers.

Anyway, what makes this wonderful dog food very much adored by both pet and human? For one thing, Bully Max’s High-Performance Dog Food is calorie-rich and produced using the meat of the animal and just regular fixings.

It contains no soy, corn or wheat. Second, it is exceptionally adjusted at 30% meat-based protein and 20% fats.

This optimal formulation of the premium dog food for the working dogs by Bully Max provides pets with the energy required to adjust the highest level of activity. Next, Bully Max High Quality Super Premium Dog Food includes menhad fish oil that is high in EPA and DHA to help promote safe skin and hair and overall wellbeing for dogs.

Long-time customers are delighted to hear that this recipe has shown good performance and has proved to better performance than the performance of other brands.

This has provided much cleaner fur, shinier hair, more stamina, toned muscles, healthy bones, and healthy immunity level and good digestion process for their dogs. Besides, allergies have almost become vanished.


  • Made of pure animal meat and natural ingredients only
  • Does not contain soy, corn, or wheat
  • Protein 30 percent and fat 20 percent


  • As for all the high performing dog foods, you’ll find feedback saying individual dogs won’t eat this food
  • Reviewers noticed that the price of this food had risen dramatically in the last year, but they keep buying it because they believe it is the highest value dog food

  1. Elite Grain Free Food by Sport Dog Food

Guaranteed research

  • PROTEIN CRUDE 30.0 percent min.
  • CRUDE FAT min 14.0 per cent
  • FIBER CRUDE 4.0 percent min.
  • 10.0 percent MOISTURE
  • 422 CALORIES / Cup

SportDogFood’s Elite Grain-Free Dog Food is intended for dogs with food sensitivities and hypersensitivities, and dogs experiencing diabetes, hypoglycemia, or persistent ear contaminations. This is so because it is set up with a solitary source animal protein with beef meat as the principal fixing. It contains no chicken, egg, peas, potato, or grains which are the most probable reasons for food hypersensitivities or prejudices.

Its freeze-dried regular fixings give nutrients and minerals, omega 3 and 6 unsaturated fats got from salmon and herring oil, chemicals, and dynamic probiotics required by a functioning canine to work ideally.

SportDogFood’s best presentation dog nourishment for dynamic dogs is made in the USA, and its fixings are completely sourced from neighbourhood family-possessed homesteads and farms the nation over, which makes it all the additionally engaging dog owners.

They rate the quality and reasonableness of SportDogFood Elite Grain Free Dog Food route higher than different brands they’ve attempted, and they state that they couldn’t be any more joyful for changing to this great stuff since it’s so evident how their dogs love it and are more beneficial for it.

Not just individual dog owners purchase this for their dogs, yet additionally proficient dogs parental figures, shelter chairmen, reproducers, and kennel owners of pet.

They all confirm the decency of SportDogFood’s Elite Grain-Free dog food. When progressing to this item, it is essential to do so appropriately and gradually to evade stomach upsets and other medical problems.


  • Built for food prone dogs with allergies, diabetes, hypoglycemia, or chronic ear infections
  • Does not contain chicken, egg, peas, potato, or cereals
  • Created and originated in the USA


  • Like for all the high performing dog foods, you’ll find feedback saying individual dogs won’t eat this food
  • Several critics complain that this diet has caused their dog’s digestive distress

  1. SPORT Performance 30/20 Formula Dry Food by Purina Pro Plan

Guaranteed research

  • PROTEIN CRUDE 30.0 percent min.
  • 20.0 per cent min CRUDE FAT
  • 3.0 percent max Synthetic FIBER
  • 12.0 percent MOISTURE
  • CALORIES 475 kcal/cu

The better way to fuel your canine’s metabolic needs is to feed them with Purina’s Pro Plan Sport Performance. It gives dogs 30%-protein and 20%-fat nourishment to accomplish ideal execution.

More than that, this supplement rich formula additionally creates more grounded immunity power and stomach related frameworks for a sound and dynamic way of life.

Its first fixing is chicken meat mixed with common wellsprings of nutrients and minerals and amino acids to keep your canine on excellent condition and in a hurry consistently.

Athletic canines are commonly inclined to mishaps and wounds, particularly to the hips and joints, and you can dare to dream that it won’t occur to your pet.

It would be to the dynamic canine’s bit of leeway to have an ordinary wellspring of EPA and glucosamine for joint wellbeing and mending. Luckily, Purina Pro Plan Sport Performance 30/20 Formula Dry Dog Food contains this, and this is useful to keep up spryness and perseverance in profoundly working canines.

Canine owners think that it’s consoling to realize that a presentation canine nourishment for dynamic canines deals with their pets by the method of giving them not just the supplements they should be profoundly serious, yet additionally to have the option to fix and revamp their body normally.

Because of all of Pro Plan Sport, Performance food’s solid and gainful highlights, it’s no big surprise that this best exhibition canine food has pulled in an ever increasing number of proprietors of athletic, working, and show canines from over the land.

Purchasers believe it’s somewhat pricy, yet they infer that the amazing outcomes more than makeup at its cost – genuinely incredible incentive for cash.


  • Protein at 30 percent and fat at 20
  • True chicken is ingredient first
  • Amino acids added
  • Contains EPA and glucosamine to help foster mutual mobility and wellbeing


  • The heavy smell oozed many dog owners who bought this high performing dog food
  • Several users complain that this diet has caused their dog’s digestive distress

  1. Premium Performance Active Adult Dry Food by EUKANUBA

Guaranteed research

  • PROTEIN CRUDE 30.0 percent min.
  • 20.0 per cent min CRUDE FAT
  • 4.0 percent max of CRUDE FIBER
  • 10.0 percent MOISTURE
  • 384.93 Kcal / Cup

This is the other food from EUKANUBA’s line of dry dog food plans explicitly intended for working and sporting canines. It gives adjusted sustenance to supported energy and ideal execution that each canine owner will like to buy for their pets.

Exceptionally dynamic canines have elevated ability to burn calories rates with the end goal that they likewise require the most significant levels of protein and fat to accelerate their energy and keep their quality up.

This recipe offers at a high of 30% protein and 20% fat, in addition to elevated levels of calcium, to support fit muscles and solid bones.

The key elements of EUKANUBA Premium Performance Active Adult Dry Dog Food are genuine chicken and chicken supper, which are acceptable wellsprings of protein for solid and slender muscles, and chondroitin and glucosamine to help sound joints.

Another remarkable component of EUKANUBA’s presentation canine nourishment for working canines is its 3D DentaDefense System which is a clinically-demonstrated method of lessening and forestalling tartar development and genuine dental issues.

The owners of dogs who have been long-lasting purchasers of this item communicated fulfilment that Eukanuba has not brought down its quality and has kept to its principles as the years progressed.

While this has been a staple for brandishing canines, an ever increasing number of pet owners are stating that it has been working incredibly well for their senior canines, just as for their pregnant and lactating female dogs.

It has restored these melting away canines increased energy levels, decreased large canines’ body weight down to ordinary, upgraded skin and coat – and profited them as much as their more youthful and more dynamic partners have.

They believe it is great that they can take care of this to their different canines, as well, since that improves dealing with their dog groups of various life stages.


  • Protein 30 percent and fat 20 percent
  • The innovative 3D DentaDefense system at the company eliminates teeth stains and tartar accumulation
  • It contains calcium, glucosamine, and chondroitin.


  • As with all the high performing dog foods, you’ll find feedback saying individual dogs won’t eat this food

  1. Ultra Formula Dry Food by Annamaet

Guaranteed research

  • 32.0 percent min of CRUDE PROTEIN
  • 20.0 percent min of CRUDE FAT
  • 3.0 percent max Synthetic FIBER
  • 10.0 percent MOISTURE
  • CALORIES 480 kcal/cup

If you have uncommonly dynamic puppies or working canines or even a fussy eater of a canine, this Ultra Formula canine food from Annamaet should meet their nourishing necessities and support their lively way of life. Your fussy companion will adore each nibble of this sans hormone and anti-microbial free chicken, fish, and earthy colored rice formula.

Ultra execution canine nourishment for active canines is reasonably calorie-rich (480kcal/cup) and figured to give an even balance of protein (at least 32%), fat (at least 20%), elevated levels of fundamental unsaturated fats, calcium, and nutrients and minerals.

Its fixings make this a delectable and sound supper for canines in various life stages – from pregnant or lactating counterpart to quickly developing and profoundly dynamic little dogs.

Annamaet Ultra Formula Dry Dog Food likewise contains without wheat green growth which is a decent wellspring of omega 3 unsaturated fat. Different fixings give stable wellsprings of omega 6, L-carnitine and DHA.

For some pet owners, this food has been a family unit thing for quite a long time, and it has done something amazing for their canines. In contrast to different brands, they state a bit of serving goes far with this great formula which is useful for canines, so they don’t put on pointless weight, and it sets aside on food cash, as well.

Some canine owners utilize this stuff as preparing treats or rewards – straight out of the pack – so it must taste great. This item keeps on picking up an endorsement from purchasers in light of its healthiness.

The producer’s straightforwardness and responsiveness additionally come profoundly valued by pet owners, and in a commercial centre overwhelmed with pet food items, that truly has a great deal of effect.


  • Made with chicken, fish, and brown rice, free of hormones and without antibiotics
  • 480kcal / cup
  • Suitable for dogs at all stages of life, like pregnant dogs or pampered bitches


  • As with all of the best performance dog foods, you will find reviews that state that some dogs will not eat this food
  • Some owners say that while they feel this is the best performance dog food, it is too expensive for their budget

  1. Premium All Natural Momentum Highly Athletic Food by Dr. Tim’s

Guaranteed research

  • 35.0 percent min of CRUDE PROTEIN
  • CRUDE FAT min 25.0 percent
  • 3.0 percent max Synthetic FIBER
  • 10.0 percent MOISTURE
  • CALORIES 588 kcal /cup

Dr. Tim’s Premium Momentum canine food includes an all-characteristic canine feast that is profoundly stuffed with well over 90% creature meat-based proteins, fats, and select carbs.

Its main fixing is ranch raised chicken joined with pig plasma, salmon, herring supper, and eggs, which give all the correct amino acids dynamic canines require, and all these are gladly sourced from over the USA.

Likewise, Momentum canine nourishment for dynamic canines is glad to have one of the least carb food in its group, advanced with basic enhancements that incorporate prebiotics, probiotics, fibre sources like rice and oats, chelated minerals, cell reinforcements, L-carnitine, and selenium. Canines are ordinarily savage, so they’ll adore this substantial eating routine that contains no fillers like soy or corn.

This high nourished canine food has been the day by day admission of canines contending in the Iditarod Trail Dog Sled Race, additional verification of its extraordinary incentive for lively canines.

It is fundamental in helping canines achieve their maximum capacity and expanding their perseverance under the most rebuffing rivalries and the harshest of conditions.

For those racers, Dr. Tim’s Premium Natural Pet Foods Momentum Highly Athletic Dog Food gave their edge over adversaries. It was their fuel for the long, difficult race hours and their medication for recuperating quick. Energy has made an imprint for those Iditarod racers.

However, this canine food assumes a greater part in helping canines in more typical dynamic circumstances. Canines go through pressure ordinarily because of the various requests put on them, and this is particularly valid for the competitor and working canines.

Stress does a ton of particular things to agitate the stomach, and this best presentation canine food contains the correct components to keep the gut sound and impervious to contaminations.


  • 94% of the proteins are of animal origin
  • High omega 3 fatty acids
  • Ocean-fish oil DHA and EPA help with inflammation, immune and brain function, heart safety, and shedding
  • Does include prebiotics


  • This best-performing dog food is too expensive for pet owners at a tight budget
  • Many buyers say their dog has diarrhea after moving to this food, but this may be because they shifted their diet without a gradual change

  1. Performance Blend Food by Black Gold

Guaranteed research

  • 26.0 percent min of CRUDE PROTEIN
  • CRUDE FAT min. 18.0 per cent
  • 3.5 percent max of CRUDE FIBER
  • 12.0 percent MOISTURE
  • 415 CALORIES / Cup

Insightful of the organization’s promise to give each canine the best canine food formula they lavishly merit, Black Gold has made an alternate exhibition canine food equation takes into account all canine varieties and ages, paying little mind to their degrees of movement. This doesn’t generally mean something to be thankful for, however.

Execution Blend 26/18 offers meat-based protein which is ideal for energetic canines occupied with high to incredibly significant levels of action, for example, expanded long periods of expanded execution in amazingly unpleasant conditions, much like conditions in Iditarod races.

A similar mix works for the not dynamic ones, and then again the bits must be managed down a piece to be more fitting to them.

This best presentation canine nourishment for dynamic canines is advanced with omega 3 and 6 unsaturated fats vital for keeping the canine’s skin and coat solid. It contains chondroitin and glucosamine that are crucial for keeping the hips and joints sound.

The perfect measure of starches guarantees energy to support canines through difficult exercises. No big surprise dog owners continue referencing how spritely their dogs run and bounce, and how they never appear to run out of energy when eating Black Gold Performance Blend Dog Food.

Owners of various dogs are eager to have at long last discovered the go-to nourishment for all their dynamic canines. It beats coming up with an alternate recipe for each canine or breed or age.

Their canines are doing magnificently well and getting a charge out of every chomp of this nutritious and agreeable formula throughout recent years. It has likewise kept continuous vet visits a serious relic of times gone by, which they normally don’t have any desire to be some other way.


  • Suitable for all breeds and ages of dogs
  • Protein 26 percent and fat 18 percent
  • Enriched with the fatty acids omega 3 and 6
  • Contains glucosamine and chondroitin;


  • As with all the high performing dog foods, you’ll find feedback saying certain dogs won’t eat this food
  • Several pet owners who purchased this food have said it upsets the stomach of their dog

  1. Wellness Core Natural Wet Grain Free Canned Dog Food for working dogs

Wellness CORE Grain-Free Canned Dog Food is the perfect healthy and picky dog food, and yes, there are those dogs too.

Yes, it’s a little bit more of an investment, but you end up with higher quality because it’s a much more tasteful wet food than dry kibble. It includes salmon, whitefish, herring, sweet potatoes and delicious vegetables, all of which offer great taste and flavour that identifies this product.

This tasty wet dog food for strong dogs is a100% grain-free product which makes your dog very digestible and nutritious. Your dog’s digestive system is one of the most important parts of your dog’s overall wellbeing that needs special attention and care; by feeding Wellness CORE to your dog, you improve digestive system performance, thus promising your dog a healthier digestive system.

Wellness CORE Natural Grain-Free Wet is full of antioxidants, omega fatty acids, and probiotics; every bite your dog takes from this product will provide all the nutrients and vitamins needed to make it healthier over the long term.

This quality canned dog food aims not just to extend your dog’s existence but also to strengthen the dog’s immune system, provide your dog with healthy eyes, teeth, and lips, boost its digestive system, and healthy skin and hair.

  1. AvoDerm Natural Dog Food

AvoDerm Natural Dog Food is a high-protein dog food that is suitable for highly active adult dogs. This is very high in proteins, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that come from chicken, lamb, and turkey meat.

It also encapsulates meals of avocado, apple, brown rice, flaxseed, alfalfa, herring, and kelp. There are a lot of other ingredients that will provide your dog with many benefits.

As one of its key ingredients, his fantastic AvoDerm dog food includes omega-rich Californian avocados with a boatload of great advantages ranging from smoother skin to a good source of vitamins and antioxidants for a healthy immune system.

There is no maize, wheat, or artificial colouring in this kibble. It is an easily digestible recipe suitable for dog digestive issues. With such great ingredients, AvoDerm Natural Dog Food delivers all the energy and health boost for your dog to be happy and perform any activity in the most efficient way possible.

Avocado and avocado oil both help protect your dog from the inside out, as it creates a great strengthening of the immune system.

  1. Taste of the Wild Grain-Free High-Protein Kibble — Best Grain-Free Dog Food for working and Athletic Dogs

Natural dry dog food Wild High Protein Taste is an easily digestible recipe of superfoods and antioxidants to keep your dog from getting older before time. It includes, among other nutritious goodness, bison, venison, lamb meal, chicken, egg, sweet potato, peas, carrots, canola oil, pomace tomatoes, and ocean fish meal.

All this creates a unique mix which provides all the energy for your dog and flexibility to very high-intensity exercise. This renowned kibble includes roasted bison as its first and principal ingredient that provides enough protein for your dog to grow lean, solid muscles.

This formula made of real meat provides an optimal amino acid profile which provides energy to recover and feel good after any workout. This all-natural dog food is complemented by fruits, vegetables and superfoods that act as natural antioxidants; supplying your dog with vitamins, minerals and a mix of fatty acids for their skin, coat and cognitive functions.

Wild High Protein Dog Food taste includes reliable and organic ingredients from all over the world and is made of no grain, corn, wheat or any other filler; it does not contain artificial colours, colours or preservatives.

It is a portion of all-American dog food, a family-owned company and is respected as it is developed with the standards of scientifically advanced food protection.

  1. Dog Protein Powder by Muscle Bully — Top Protein Powder For working Dogs!

This Muscle Bully whey protein powder is not an actual dog food but a perfect protein supplement for athletic dogs; it is easy to add to any or any meals to improve the muscle-building process of your dog and thus maximize its best efficiency.

Through transforming some kibble into a full high protein dog food, you will help your dog become stronger and healthier.

Muscle protein for bullies is ideal for creating bigger muscles and offering an accented visual representation of the muscle mass of a dog. Through feeding your dog this protein, you help to build a well-balanced and athletic-looking dog with enhanced physical abilities.

A supplement to canine protein also strengthens the bones, hair, tendons, ligaments and cartilage of your dog. Following a few weeks on such treatment, your dog should look and feel better from the inside.

Several studies have also shown that this drug aids in cancer prevention and tumour reduction in dogs. Protein supplementation is also ideal for developing puppies; because it provides the nutrients, they need to expand to the organs and the internal support systems.

The dog should be happier and stronger, playing and training in the future with far less chance of injury and joint problems.

  1. Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Base Mix — Healthiest Human-Grade Food for Athletic and working Dogs!

Honest Kitchen Human-Grade Dehydrated Base Mix is a great and super balanced basis for a dog meal. Preparing only by adding offal or meat to it is easy and you’ll have a perfect healthy plate of food for your dog.

It’s all-natural; it doesn’t include by-products, preservatives or GMOs, you can make safe and tasty food preparation for your dog simply by adding warm water. This preparation meets the health requirements of the FDA, making it safe and appropriate for the daily diet of your dog, but also humans as it is entirely human!

This dehydrated base mix is a portion of genuinely functional dog food that’s easy to prepare or give your dog raw. Since it is grain-free, combining it with other ingredients is sufficient to satisfy your dog’s protein requirements or preferences.

This is a genuinely rich antioxidant foundation and facilitates flexibility. It is built to make a special food plate for your dog’s everyday meal; it is ideal for preparing a nutritious meal for adult and senior dogs, great for all breeds and sizes.

Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Base Mix is all American; completely produced in the USA without the involvement of China in its production. Each plate made with this beautiful dog food contains sweet potatoes, peas, cabbage, organic coconut, apples, spinach, pumpkin, bananas, celery, organic kelp, organic honey, plus vitamins and mineral premix.

Such additional micronutrients include tricalcium phosphate, choline chloride, zinc amino acid chelate, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin E supplement, potassium iodide, potassium chloride, iron amino acid chelate, copper amino acid chelate, thiamine; a whole mix of richness and fantastic ingredients to boost the dietary wellbeing of your dog.

  1. Nom Nom Fresh Pet Food Delivery Service

Overall Best Pet Food for Active Dogs: The active dog needs above average protein, fat and calorie levels. Further than that, though, these nutrients need a diet composed of high-quality sources.

The higher your dog’s food consistency will be, the healthier it will be, and the happier HE will be. If you want to bring the best of the best to your dog, consider delivering Nom Nom Fresh Pet Food.

Nom Nom delivers dog food freshly cooked right at your door. Only fill in some details about your dog online and pick a recipe-the Nom Nom pros will do the rest! You can tailor the meals of your dog to match its particular calorie needs, and you can rest assured knowing they only use the highest quality ingredients.

Keep in mind that fresh food is pretty pricey, and you’ll pay a little if you feed your active dog Nom Nom as a staple diet, but it’s hard to beat the quality, and you’ll see the difference in your dog’s results!


  • High-quality ingredients in every recipe,
  • tailored to the particular needs of your dog,
  • automatically delivered on time,
  • made fresh from high-quality ingredients


  • Much more expensive than the average kibble

  1. American Journey Landmark Plateau Blend with Angus Beef and Pork dog food for working and athlete dogs

Best economical Dog Food for Healthy Dogs: Things can get pretty expensive when it comes to high protein dog food.

If you are looking for a protein-supplying alternative without costing a lot, consider the American Journey brand. This company provides some “first protein” recipes containing 25 percent meal, but this combination of Angus Beef and Pork Dry Food includes a 40 percent gigantic protein.

This recipe rocks ultra-high protein levels from a 70 per cent animal-source protein, and natural fats blend of premium livestock. You will consider this recipe as the first ingredients filled with beef and antibiotic-free, pasture-raised pork. Also included in this recipe are zero grains, glutens, wheat, corn or soy, as well as by-products, fillers and chemical additives.

Keep in mind that it includes lentils and peas as the primary sources of grain-free carbohydrate, so be vigilant unless your dog is particularly allergic or prone to grain (refer to the FDA report on grain-free dog foods made with high legume levels).

Overall, with 423 calories per cup, this formula contains 40 percent protein and 15 percent fat.

Pros: includes a whopping 40% protein, quality animal protein, omega-3, and omega-6 rich fatty acids, prebiotic fibers and probiotics, chelated minerals, and vitamin supplements

Cons: Maybe higher in fat, contains essential legumes (lentils and peas)

  1. Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete Formula

It can be costly to feed an active dog, but this Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete Formula Dry Food is a more economical choice that still ticks all the boxes needed. This recipe contains chicken meal as the first ingredient that represents a highly concentrated protein source.

It is also accompanied by fresh chicken, delivering a total crude protein of 32 per cent. For complex carbohydrates such as crushed pearled barley, this recipe is easily digestible with the addition of prebiotic fibres and probiotic supplements to ensure safe digestion.

Overall, this recipe is filled with healthy ingredients, including fresh fruits and vegetables that provide natural sources for key nutrients. However, it also includes vitamin supplements and chelated minerals to ensure full and balanced nutrition with optimal absorption of nutrients. Certain your dog will love it!

Pros: a single source of quality animal protein, digestible carbohydrates, high in omega fatty acids, fresh fruits and vegetables, complete and healthy prebiotics and probiotic supplements.

Cons: Many dogs don’t seem to like this

  1. Crave Salmon & Ocean Fish Recipe

When your active dog is unable to digest the food, you may want to try a grain-free high-protein solution. This Crave with Protein from Salmon & Ocean Fish Grain-Free Dry Food features real salmon as the first ingredient which is also filled with omega-3 fatty acids besides being a great source of quality animal protein.

This recipe also contains chicken meal (a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin that protects the joints), as well as pork and lamb meal. Loaded with good chicken fat and fish ingredients, it provides a strong combination of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for balanced skin and hair.

This recipe contains 34% protein and 17% fat overall and carries 443 calories per cup. It’s also balanced nutritionally with the help of vitamins and chelated minerals.

Pros: Rich in quality animal protein (34%), digestible carbohydrates free from food, high in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, many dietary proteins, vitamins, and chelated minerals

Cons: Not all dogs need a grain-free diet, which might be higher in fat

  1. Natural Balance Synergy Formula

Synergy extracts much of their animal protein from the meal of meat and rice. Our analysis of the dry matter label shows that the formula contains 31% protein, 18% fat and an estimated 43% carbs … resulting in a fat-to-protein ratio of about 57%.

Natural Balance Synergy has been built for your very unique dog. This is a synergistic diet that incorporates the advantages of balanced digestion, superior skin and coat quality and superior stool quality. Synergy provides all breeds with a full and healthy diet, from puppies to adults.

Pros: safe digestion prebiotics, diverse fiber sources for a lower amount of stools, high-quality proteins, and balanced omega fatty acids

Cons: Chic eaters don’t like it, odorless scent.

Raw Dog Food For the working dogs

Besides those excellent dog foods that are readily available, you can also find a raw dog diet for working dogs. A raw food diet is ideal for working dogs, as it is biologically safe and offers more nutrition than any of the alternatives currently on the market.

Plus, you can monitor the nutrition-optimizing ingredients, so your dog gets what they need. When you’re contemplating your working dog’s raw food diet, read Dog Food Insider’s guide to transitioning to a raw food diet to help you determine whether you’d like to go the path.

 The Bottom Line

Working dogs are typically larger breeds trained to perform any task, such as sledging, raising, herding, and hunting dogs. Acita, Alaskan malamutes, Border collie, Belgian Malinois, Doberman pinschers, GiaSchnauzers, Rottweiler, Australian

Shepherd, Labrador and Siberian Huskies are the most commonly used service dogs. Active dogs would usually require from 1.5 to 2.5 times as much food as a less active dog, anywhere. Working dogs who work in very hot or cold conditions may also require more food.

Working dogs do have greater needs for hydration compared with less active dogs. Since dogs can’t sweat, much of their water loss comes from the surface of their tongue or the pads of their feet — and they may lose 10 to 20 times more water than average during heavy exercise.

Working dogs require a high protein diet to develop solid, healthy muscles and sustain them. All proteins are not made equal, though. The right pet foods for working dogs, instead of “choice meal,” have a genuine animal protein as the first ingredient like Turkey, pork, or beef.

Dog food with corn, wheat, or soy protein as the first ingredient is unlikely to have your working dog’s nutritional profile at its peak. Eventually, dog foods have no excuse to include artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners or other additives.

Such substances provide little added value and, in some situations, can potentially affect the health of your pet. Water is the most significant component of the diet of any working dog.

Having your working dog’s water accessible and promoting water breaks is crucial to preventing dehydration. Dogs can be prone to abrupt or dramatic changes.

When you plan to change the food you give to your working dog, it’s a good idea to make some adjustments to your dog’s diet slowly and introduce the new food over 2-4 weeks.

Author: Shilu Nepal

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